Big Maths + Maths


Big Maths is an approach to teaching number that aims to ensure that children are confidently numerate as they progress through school.  Currently Big Maths is taught in reception and KS1. It provides a rigorous and progressive structure and enables children to fully embed key skills and numeracy facts through fun and engaging lessons. It is based on 4 key elements which make up each maths lesson: CLIC.

Counting – Counting is done in many ways including counting forwards and backwards in various increments; work on place value and reading and ordering numbers.

Learn Its – Learn Its There are 72 number facts which are learnt throughout the years from Reception to Year 4. They are split across the different terms so that each class works on a few Learn Its at a time to ensure they are fully embedded. 36 are addition facts and 36 are multiplication facts; these are learnt in class and are tested.

It’s Nothing New – Children use a bank of facts and methods that they already have to solve problems and that each step of progress is very small; children will use and apply their skills and methods to a range of different situations and problems.

Calculation – This is often the main part of the maths lesson which focuses on teaching solid written and mental methods for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The children move through progress drives which introduce small, focused steps of progress throughout the year.

How does Big Maths work?

The children all have a daily CLIC session based on the four elements of big maths. Each group works on a set list of Learn Its each term and these are tested each week in a timed test made up of several Learn Its from the appropriate maths level.

In addition to this, each class will complete a Beat That test which is an untimed test made up of questions on several areas of maths. Each time the children enjoy trying to beat their own previous score.

How can you support Big Maths at home?

Children should be practising the appropriate Learn Its for their class/group at home to support what is happening in lessons. Teachers will communicate the Learn Its being taught to parents through homework books.


Maths in KS2

KS2 classes are developing the maths mastery curriculum using the White Rose materials which ensure children become proficient in fluency, reasoning and problem solving.