SDI Maths

We are focused on developing children's fluency, reasoning and problem solving skills, so that they can achieve mastery of maths.  To achieve this, we are following the Same Day Intervention (SDI) Maths structure, which allows us to quickly identify children who need more support, as well as those who are ready to work independently or be further challenged. 

MAIN INPUT The main input begins and lasts for 40 minutes. This is based on the ‘I do, you do' model, where basic and age related skills are demonstrated by the teacher before being completed by the children. This work is differentiated at Bronze (basic) and Silver (ARE), and each of these are modelled to the class. During this 40 minutes, the children work mostly independently, however highlight if they need some further adult support.

After this session, the class go for a very short marking break (led by class LSA) where they practise their times tables whilst the teacher marks the morning’s work. This identifies the groups for the SDI, and lasts for 5-10 minutes.

SDI During the same day intervention, pupils who fully achieved the age related expectation are given related tasks to further embed and deepen their understanding. Those that need extra support will work with the class teacher in a guided group, and can also be supported by the Teaching Assistant. This lasts for approximately 20 minutes. 


The session timetable looks roughly like this:

11:10 - 11:30 - I do, you do teaching input.

11:30 - 11:40 - Diagnostic questions

11:40 - 11:50 - Marking (teacher) / times table practise (LSA)

11:50 - 12:10 - Same day intervention set tasks (Bronze/silver/gold)


Children are taught the SDI lesson in theor usual classes with the exception of Fox class who are split in to their year groups for maths with Mrs Wright leading the year 5 session and Miss Bridge leading the year 6 one.