School Council

Our School Council is made up with two children from every class from Year 1 to Year 6 (Reception join term 2)The children are elected by their class each September.

There is a School Council noticeboard in our corridor with photographs of each member as well as School Council minutes of meetings. They meet with Mrs Light every half term.


The School Councillors are doing a fantastic job so far this year. They bring ideas from their peers to share at meetings and are always ready to voice their opinions and viewpoints in discussions about other important matters. They are always happy to help around school, supporting others and being fantastic ambassadors for our school. Already, they have been involved supporting events across school. Some of these include:



  • Raising money for CHILDREN IN NEED by organising a Non-Uniform Day everyone had a fun day wearing spots!
  • Supporting in our annual PTA Coffee Morning.
  • Meeting and greeting Parents on our Parents Evening and showing visitors around school.

Over the next term our school councillors will be gathering ideas from all classes about any ideas, incentives or fund-raising that everyone can be involved in.

Well Done To our School Councillors!


Your school councillors are:

Maicey and CJay - Year 1

Fenton and Katie - Year 2

Hubert and Phoebie - Year 3

Harmony and Deon - Year 4

Katheleen and Owen-James - Year 5

Megan and PJay - Year 6



School council