School Council

Our School Council is made up with two children from every class from Year 1 to Year 6 (Reception is represented by older pupils who collect thier views). The children are elected by their class each September. 

There is a School Council noticeboard in our corridor with photographs of each member as well as School Council minutes of meetings. They meet with Mrs Sercombe regularly.  

The role of the School Council is to collect and represent the pupil voice. They are also involved in activities which promote our school values of pride, courage and community, for example their first task was to support the school's charity food bank collection.  

The members will work collaboratively with pupils and staff, but also other bodies such as the PTA.  They will also work with external agencies, for example, they have been selected to contribute to the Doncaster Young Voices initiative where they will be able to share the wishes, dreams and hope of Doncaster's young people with Doncaster council. 

Over the next term our school councillors will be gathering ideas from all classes about any ideas, incentives or fund-raising that everyone can be involved in. 

Well done to our school councillors!