Teaching and Learning

At Highfields Primary Academy, we aim to provide a wide range of high quality learning experiences which allow children to develop academically, socially, emotionally and spiritually. We aim to promote the mastery of basic skills and encourage children to foster as real love of learning. 

We view learning very much as a partnership between school staff, pupils and their parents. We encourage parents to actively engage in the learning process through supporting homework, attending parent workshops, family learning and other enrichment activities. 

Learning is carefully planned to match the needs of every individual through a topic based approach. This enables children to make connections in their learning and develop a wide range of skills. The curriculum is designed to motivate, enthuse and inspire children whilst meeting the requirements of the National Curriculum. 

We expect children to participate in a wide range of curriculum activities although parents have the right to withdraw children from Religious Education and some aspects of Sex and Relationships Education. 

Children are taught in mixed-ability groupings where we offer a balance of child- initiated and adult-led learning, guided group work and appropriate individualised support. 

With a keen emphasis on the acquisition of basic literacy and numeracy skills, all children participate in a daily reading, writing and mathematics lesson. 

We work hard to enhance learning through enrichment opportunities including taking children on visits, residentials and inviting visitors into school.