All children are expected to wear academy uniform at all times. Uniform can be purchased online from SPT Uniforms www.sptuniforms.co.uk

The uniform for children in Nursery to Year 5 consists of:
Royal blue V-neck jumper, cardigan or sweatshirt (with or without logo).
Grey or black trousers/skirt.
White polo shirt, shirt or blouse.
In warmer weather, children can also wear: Blue gingham checked summer dress Grey or black shorts.

The uniform for children in Year 6 consists of:
Royal blue V-neck jumper, cardigan or sweatshirt (with or without logo).
Tie (provided by the academy).
White shirt or blouse Grey or black trousers/skirt.
In warmer weather, children in Year 6 can also wear: Blue gingham checked summer dress (without tie) Grey or black shorts.

This school uniform (listed above) must be worn to school everyday. Children change into their PE kits in school, as this is an important part of their development in terms of motor skills and independence. It also forms an important part of our environment in terms of our learning atmosphere and children being in the right mindset to learn.

All children who join the school are given a free jumper. Children in Year 6 will be provided with a free clip-on tie.

Please ensure you label all school uniform and equipment, including coats, with your child’s name and class. The academy accepts no responsibility for lost items of clothing.

All children from Year 1 to 6 will be provided with a summer uniform, consisting of a pair of black shorts, plain white T shirt and kit bag which will remain in school at all times. Indoor PE is done in bare feet or school plimsolls.

For outdoor PE this year, we are providing an outdoor kit consisting of a tracksuit.

Children must bring trainers to participate in outdoor PE – these are not provided by the academy and if children do not bring the correct footwear it may not be possible for them to participate.

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